Since I got married, I've had sex with 1000 other men

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I'm Penny Sneddon, a dominant woman and slut married to a submissive worm. Our marriage is a consensual Femdom one, which means he's my bitch. I do what I want, and he does what he's told.

I don't love him, I feel nothing for him.

All he is to me is a toilet. I piss in his mouth every day and make him drink it.


I'm a total slut and extreme exhibitionist. I never wear panties, and I love to show my tits and cunt to any man who wants to see them. Since I got married to the worm I've sucked-off or been fucked by about 1,000 other men in gangbangs and blowbangs. I love sucking cocks, and I never refuse to suck any man's cock.


I often make my husband take me to a sex cinema, normally full of men. I strip completely naked, then I suck the cocks of all the men in the place, usually groups of 10-20 guys, as they grope my big tits and finger my well-used cunt. After they finish using me, I make my husband lick-up their spilled spunk and swallow it all.

I suck any man's cock. I never refuse any cock in my mouth.

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No condoms