Since I got married, I've had sex with 1000 other men

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This is my Blog, in which I will be posting about my sexual adventures, my FemDom marriage, and my viewpoints. Please feel free to leave comments in the Comments boxes. Good ones will be uploaded.

It is totally unrealistic to expect any married woman to allow only her husband to have sex with her. A wife does not belong to her husband, other than they both belong to each other emotionally and as a functioning family unit. Physically, it is her body, her mouth, her cunt, to be used by whatever and however many other men she chooses. Her cunt and mouth do not belong to her’ husband, they belong to any other men who want to use them. Having sex with men is her function, it is what nature provided as a means of perpetuating the species. No species are monogamous: the female gets penetrated by more than one male at a time in order to ensure impregnation. Monogamy is a moral construct, devised to ensure the male and female remain together to rear their offspring


That is what I've always believed, and that's why I have sex with many other men. I wrote my own marital vows to state that while my husband would remain faithful, I would be free to have sex with as many other men as I wanted. In my case it helped that my husband is a submissive worm. He knew from the outset that he'd have no say in how many cocks I sucked or how many other men fucked me. In the vows it also stated that all he would be to me was a toilet, and that would be his sole function in the marriage. The relationship works: I have sex with hundreds of other men, while I indulge his submissiveness by using him every day as a toilet. To start with, I let him fuck me too but now I only let him lick-up other men’s spunk, so he masturbates all the time like a dog.


I am happy to call myself a slut. There are a lot of women who call themselves sluts, married ones especially, who screw other men but are what can only be called fussy. They insist the man should do this or that, and shouldn't do other things. They only have sex with good-looking guys, and they insist the men must be clean. Personally. I've always believed the complete opposite. If a married woman is a slut, then her cunt and mouth are there for any and all men to use. I open my legs for any man, and I've never turned down any man I've arranged to have sex with, no matter how unattractive or unclean they are. Believe me, I've sucked quite a few unwashed, stinking cocks and been fucked without condoms by a great many unprepossessing and unclean men.


When a woman marries, she becomes a slut and it is not right for her to refuse any man who wants to fuck her. She is there for any man to use. I am a slut: it is my function. Letting other men use her mouth and cunt is the function of every married woman. Accepting his wife’s freedom to have sex with other men is the function of every husband.



I married a submissive worm. I am in a domme/sub, or FemDom marriage. What is a FemDom marriage? To begin with, FemDom is short for female domination - which is the hitherto agreed domination of the man by the woman on a 24/7 basis. This means that the woman controls everything about the relationship, and all that matters is what the woman wants. The man’s feelings or thoughts do not count. It is a consensual relationship that is willingly agreed to by the man before the marriage. It is therefore usually submissive males who enter into such relationships. Having said that, it does not mean that the man is a wimp – many submissive males are quite macho to other people, and are only submissive to their wives.


A real Femdom marriage is neither a normal loving relationship, nor is it loving dominance. Love doesn’t come into it, only dominance and submission. The woman feels nothing for the man except contempt and disgust, and treats him accordingly. This treatment is on a day-to-day basis. No attempt is made to hide the nature of the relationship from others, within the accepted parallels of social interchange. As many people as possible should come to know that it is the woman who is in charge.


Some dominant women make it a role-playing thing, dressing up in leather or rubber, and frequently giving the man a good whipping. Many will penetrate the man with strap-on dildos. This sort of thing is usually done by dominatrixes, many times on a professional basis. It is a common male fantasy. But real FemDom is not about indulging men’s fantasies; it is about real female control of the male in every aspect of the marriage. Often it could be seen as mundane, as there is little sexuality involved. It is real FemDom, carried out by a real dominant woman.


That is how it is in my marriage. The man I married is a submissive worm. We have such a FemDom marriage. I feel nothing for him. I keep him naked & collared when at home, and use him as a toilet. All he is to me is a toilet. I use his mouth to piss in each day, and he drinks it all. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I also enjoy seeing other men and women use his mouth as a toilet. I really do feel nothing for him. Every day I remind him that all he is to me is a toilet, and that I feel nothing for him. In some photos he looks wretched, but actually he's happy with the way things are.


Being dominant with my husband does not mean that I don’t have sex with other men. I am a total slut and I've cuckolded him by having sex with over 1,000 other men so far. I especially love getting naked and sucking cocks. My husband has to lick-up the other men’s spunk after they’ve used me. I never let him have sex with me himself these days, so he constantly wanks like an dog.


Thankfully for sluts like me there are weak men like him to get married to. We don't marry them for love; we marry them for the freedom that having a pathetic worm can give us. And we feel total contempt for them.

More than half of all wives fuck with other men. Some do it behind their husband's back, some do it because the husband wants them to, and some because they themselves want to do it. Either way, the result is the same. The woman the man married has sex with other men. And that's how it should be.


Some wives do it as part of a normal relationship. Others do it just because they can. Whichever way it is, the woman feels total CONTEMPT for the husband who either encourages her to have sex with other men or who just puts up with it. What else could she feel? The man who married her accepts her having sex with other men, accepts other men seeing his wife naked and has to sit there and watch while:


- other men ogle his wife's naked body

- men grope his wife's tits and the rest of her body

- men push fingers up his wife's cunt, and make her cum

- men kiss his wife, and she kisses them back passionately

- men put their cocks in his wife's mouth and she sucks them until they spunk in her mouth

- men push their cocks deep up his wife's cunt and fuck her bareback

- men shoot their spunk in or on his wife's body

- his wife makes him lick-up the other men's cum and swallow it all


In accepting other men using his wife, the cuckold is NO LONGER A MAN - he is a WORM. He is acknowledging that his wife needs other men to satisfy her sexually, because he himself cannot. He is letting himself be turned into the bitch in the marriage, acknowledging that he is nothing but an object of derision to all the other men who have sex with his wife. The woman stays in the relationship because she is free to do whatever she wants with other men.


Personally, I felt contempt for my husband from the start. I cuck the WORM for two reasons. Firstly, I'm a SLUT and I like having sex with other men. Secondly, I like humiliating and putting down my husband. Its all part of the FemDom marriage we have. He has always been submissive, and puts up with me treating him like SHIT. I make him sleep on the floor, and use him as a toilet. All he is to me is a TOILET. Since the day we married over 17 years ago I've used his mouth as a toilet every day. I feel nothing for him, and I despise him for letting me treat him as I do. He is no longer a man; he is an abject worm - just a PIECE OF SHIT. He is my bitch. That is his place in life.


When it comes to sex, I don't let him fuck me, so he wanks all the time like a dog. The only other sex he gets is when he sucks other men's cocks. I love to have sex with other men in front of him, as it rubs his nose in how PATHETIC he is to let other men use his wife. The fact that he accepts me being fucked by other men only makes me feel even more contempt for him. When other men are using me, I sometimes look at him sitting there like the abject worm he is, and feel the utmost LOATHING for him.